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We started out in 2005 with a desire to establish high standards in domiciliary care.

Sarah Berry is the Registered Manager of Greenbank Care.
Greenbank Care is formally registered with the Care Quality Commission, has private clients and receives referrals from Social Services.  We are established in Liskeard, Cornwall with a population of 9,500, a substantial proportion of whom are retired. When the surrounding villages are included the population number reaches 24,100 (Office for National Statistics Mid Year Estimates 2010).
Many who have visited this lovely area have come for the beauty and to be encouraged in their health.
Our team is being developed to serve you and your needs. We look forward to seeing you and offering you the care which is so important to us. We currently have 18 staff who are trained to meet your needs by providing excellent care and support.
Greenbank Care serves an area that centres in Liskeard and the villages around it. We are developing links with other groups and areas in Cornwall who have the same quality service.



"Committed to supporting the Community with

Quality Care and Compassion"

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