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The value of your care

Our high standards of care are of primary importance. Our good reputation with other agencies and our clients' families will give you the assurance that you can feel secure in our care.

Time is precious. When we invest our time in you we aim to relieve any anxiety you may have and encourage social inclusion. Advocacy is an important and strategic element of our work and we ensure that our clients receive an appropriate level of service by coordinating with other agencies.

We aim to help you maintain independence in your own home by:

  • Providing the best quality of care.

  • Being flexible to meet your needs.

  • Stimulating your mind.

  • Helping you stay active.

We can bring peace where once there was chaos. Our consistent and reliable service, combined with a friendly disposition, enables an increased quality of life, for the benefits of better health and increased strength.

Our staff are highly trained, with that training being constantly updated, they are DBS checked and personally known to us. This guarantees that they will be able to assist and aid you in a variety of ways.

We will:

...Provide personal care that can start with assisting with hygiene, getting your shopping, making and taking you to your appointments.

...Undertake 'day sitting' services. We are willing to speak on your behalf and undertake advocacy of various kinds.

...Listen, befriend and pray.

...Be well trained and fully aware of the legalities and standards of our work and policies.

...Work to build confidence. We work at developing a professional, informed approach.

...Operate an 'open doors' policy so that we can be accessible to all concerned, taking into account all the requisite permissions and agreements.

We are:

...Registered with the Care Quality Commission with no recommendations for improvement.

...Able to provide support to adults in our community, helping you to maintain your independence.

...Able, with your agreement, to alert other agencies when needed, to help you out in any particular situation.

...Able to help you with your hospital and doctor visits.

...Able to support families, to listen and give advice to enable solution to be found.

Investing in you

Bringing stability to your life

Going the extra mile

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