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At IMPACT we pride ourselves in providing high quality, unique day services for our clients.  Below is just an example of what our clients think of IMPACT

"I like going to different places with my friends. It's good fun here every day. Best days ever!"

"It's good and cool, I like going to the gym, swimming and Tavistock"

"I've been coming here quite a while, it's good and I enjoy it. I enjoy having fun and helping to do the dishes and clean the kitchen"

"I like doing cookery and going out and about walking."

"I like going swimming, to the sauna, going to Eden Project and going on the train"

"I like IMPACT because it's a good place to come and they look after me and I like the things that we do like swimming, going out to cafes and walking. I like watching films and relaxing in the winter when it's too cold to go out. I like IMPACT because it's handy and lots of places wouldn't do something like this, it's great" 

"I like going out places in the minibus with friends and cooking"

"I like the staff and get on well with them, I like the trips we go on, there's lots of variety, especially the history places"

"I love being with all my friends and the exciting things that we do where we learn lots of new things, like cooking different cuisines and learning about different cultures"

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